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The eHealth Centre of Excellence (eCE) team is made up of a diverse background of disciplines which support each of our service areas. While diverse in background and training, our team members all share one same passion: we are passionate about improving the quality of patient care in Waterloo Wellington and beyond through the appropriate use of digital health tools. Our product is our people and the expertise they bring to each of our different service areas.


   Leadership Team:


    Dr. Mohamed Alarakhia, Director    

    Megan MacNeil, Associate Director

    Ted Alexander, Associate Director, Strategic Partnerships



   Program Managers:


    Danika Walden, QBIC Program Manager

    Karen Keith, cSWO Program Manager

    Rummy Dhoot, cSWO PCDS Program Manager

    Lori Moran, SCA Program Manager

    Masood Darr, EMR CS Program Manager



   Practice Leads:


    Charlotte Nethercott, Change Management and Adoption Practice Lead

    Jacqueline Montgomery, Privacy Analyst Practive Lead

    Lori-Anne Huebner, Benefits Realization Practice Lead


Team Members:


Alexandra Piatkowski, Junior Benefits Realization Specialist, cSWO

Angela Kropf, Business Coordinator, eCE

Ashley Moore, Receptionist, eCE

Billy Bostad, Junior Benefits Realization Specialist, SCA 

Danielle Olivier-Ozutok, Project Manager, SCA

Hannele Kivinen, Communications Specialist

James Downham, Engagement & Change Management Lead, SCA 

Jennifer La, Health Data Analyst & Evaluation Specialist, QBIC

Jessica Lemon, Adoption & Change Management Specialist, cSWO

Julia Hynes, Adoption & Change Management Specialist, cSWO

Kaitlyn Dickinson, Junior Privacy Analyst, cSWO

Katrine Murray, Senior Business Analyst, SCA 

Lirije Hyseni, Benefits Realization Specialist

Lynn Donaldson, Project Coordinator, QBIC

Meghan Brenner-Burgoyne, Change Management Specialist, QBIC

Melissa Thompson, Deployment and Training Specialist 

Michelle Cousins, Business Analyst, cSWO PCDS 

Niharika Kumar, Junior Privacy Analyst, cSWO

Paula Lee, Business Coordinator, SCA

Rob Gordon, Change Management Specialist, QBIC

Sandra Sabaratnam, Business Analyst, cSWO PCDS

Sara Di Gregorio, Business Analyst, QBIC

Sofia Khaddadine, Data Analyst, cSWO

Stephanie Chin, Change Management Specialist, QBIC

Tara Lonergan, Change Management Specialist, QBIC

Teresa Martins, Project Manager, SCA

Terry Peckitt-Schneider, Senior Business Analyst, cSWO

Wendy Lang, Change Management Specialist, QBIC